A startup that developed the World’s most powerful CO2 conversion device
May 31, 2017

What if the CO2 emissions of the world’s largest industries never reached the air? What if those emissions were instead transformed into valuable assets for the global economy? Based in Berkeley, California, the Opus 12 team has invented a device that recycles carbon dioxide emissions from industrial chemical companies into cost-competitive and efficient chemicals and fuels. The company estimates that their market opportunity is worth $300 billion.

Over the course of the past several months, the team won the prestigious Forbes For-Profit Change The World Competition, first prize from the famous Rottenbury Foundation, and the Department of Energy’s Transformational Award. The Company has also received multiple grants from the NSF, NASA, and the DOE. The Opus 12 team are alumni of the highly selective Stanford StartX accelerator and the Stanford Venture Studio.

We are extremely excited to work with Opus 12, especially because their groundbreaking technology can truly change the world. At scale, it will affect not only California, or the United States, but other countries, too, our planet, and maybe, thanks to the NASA Mars mission, other planets of our solar system, which are completely uninhabitable as of now.

The Opus 12 team has developed the world’s most powerful CO2 conversion device. At scale, O12’s reactor has the CO2 conversion power of 37,000 trees — or 64 football fields of dense forest — packed into the volume of a suitcase. Opus 12 has created a platform technology that can be used to recycle CO2 back into over 16 different products including ethylene, ethanol, and syngas, which can be upgraded to carbon-neutral diesel, jet fuel, or gasoline.

The main contributor to O12’s record results is the novel integration of CO2- reducing catalysts into an industrially-established reactor architecture, which allows O12 to take advantage of its high performance, proven track record, and low capital cost.

Go Opus 12!

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