Breakthrough autonomous robotic technology from Russia is coming to Silicon Valley
May 31, 2017

RoboCV’s mission is to create autonomous mobile robotic systems for a wide variety of high frequency repeatable tasks of intra-warehouse and distribution centers logistics. In just three years since foundation, RoboCV has grown from a team of four employees sitting in a small room with a prototype, comparable to a guided toy car, to a high-potential company that boasts world-class technology, unique products and the trust of world leading companies.

RoboCV’s first product platform, the unique X-MOTION NG system, has been tested in various scenarios by major global companies such as Samsung, Volkswagen, FM Logistic and other top 10 global retailers. X-MOTION NG allows for cost-effective automation and shipping of pallet goods. RoboCV team places complex system sensors, cameras and a processor into warehouse machinery, allowing for data processing through RoboCV software.

Autonomous vehicles use neural algorithms to process data and generate commands. Neural algorithms rely on data. The better the source data, the better the driving commands. RoboCV creates the best kind of source data similar to that created by autonomous vehicles when they navigate. The important competitive advantage of the company is the flexibility of their technology: it doesn’t require high upfront CAPEX and allows for the re-use of existing warehouse machinery, and it allows for fast and cheap technology implementation.

Self-driving vehicles have already made inroads in logistics, reaching a level of maturity for commercial use in warehouse operations. First generations of autonomous shuttles and forklifts are being deployed in clearly defined and controlled areas of the warehouse, unlocking new levels of process efficiency and performance. We truly believe that products developed by RoboCV team are going to shape the future of autonomous warehouse logistics and we are very happy that successful technology from overseas made it to Silicon Valley.

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