GVA Capital invested in Will.I.Am’s i.am+ earphones
May 31, 2017

The circular, metallic Buttons look more like clip-on earrings than a pair of earbuds. Created by i.am+, the tech company founded by Will.I.Am, these wireless earphones are part of what the artist of Black Eyed Peas (“I be rockin’ them beats”) sees as the necessary, intertwined future of fashion and tech.

We are very proud of what Will.I.Am and his team are currently doing. Since our first meeting at Davos, to the investment that GVA Capital made in i.am+, all the way to now — it’s been quite a pleasant journey for us.

The former Black Eyed Peas frontman, Will.I.Am was an early investor in Twitter and owned a founding stake in Beats Electronics, which Apple acquired for $3 billion. Will has enjoyed a plethora of tech-centric successes including collaborating with NASA to send a song to Mars, is a shareholder in Beats by Dre, and has his own tech company, i.am+. He’s also the Director of Creative Innovation for Intel.

The musician called i.am+ “a big small company.” One hundred of its employees are engineers working on an AI product expected to be released to the market at the end of the second quarter.

GVA Capital is a Silicon Valley based investment company with over $120 million in assets under management. The firm is focused on science-intensive innovations across a variety of verticals, including Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Robotics, Big Data, Cloud, Consumer Mobile, Advertising, and Autonomous Vehicles. GVA Capital’s portfolio includes over 20 companies, which the firm has helped with business development, strategic consulting, and international expansion.

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