How we invested in the world’s first online music composer
May 31, 2017

Did you ever think that you would live in a time when music that you listened to would be written by robots, adjusted real-time to your mood, never pre-recorded, and happening instantaneously while you’re on-the-go?

Mubert continuously produces a unique music stream created by an algorithm based on the laws of musical theory, mathematics and creative experience. As of now, the algorithm behind Mubert generates an endless audio stream of EDM music produced right here, right now without mixing or shuffling any existing track or songs. Imagine that — a machine essentially writing the sounds of your soul, reacting to your heartbeat, your mood and character.

Mubert is not radio. It’s a new stage in the music industry’s evolution.

Interaction between technology and musical theory made it possible for the Mubert team to go beyond the limits of conventional audio recording formats by creating a non-linear audio stream free of the standard music production limitations.

Today, Mubert composes electronic stream in real-time. The team is currently working on the algorithm to analyze your musical preferences, location and rhythm, react to behavior and emotions, interact with other devices, and eventually become your musical DNA.

Mubert really changed the way we relate to music. This technology is delivering one-of-a-kind experiences. Mubert creates unique music by interacting with the outer and inner world of every listener on the planet. We think the guys are onto something and we are extremely happy to have invested in the team early on.

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