Qwil, a great help to freelancers during tax time
May 31, 2017

The economy as we know it is changing rapidly. Freelance-enabling platforms are massively shifting the 9 to 5 paradigms while introducing more and more project-based work opportunities. These platforms are transforming whole industries. Large corporations will soon rely on tech platforms to ensure their remote workforces are integrated, they will streamline HR processes and provide the framework for project-based employment.

Qwil plays an important role in this transition. Founded by Trevor Branon, Paul Tiplady and Johnny Reinsch, Qwil helps on-demand workers get paid instantly for work performed without waiting for payment and invoicing cycles.

As any of the 1099 workforce can tell you, at tax time, rounding up all the necessary documents is a headache. Qwil offers a way to get paid in a timely manner, and a way to keep track of these payments, all in one place. Corporate economy nowadays becomes more flexible and knowing that you will have your taxes in place no matter what helps people to decrease the fear of switching their jobs and trying something new. We are very glad to have invested in Qwil.

GVA Capital is the US-based investment arm of Global Venture Alliance (GVA) — a global Ecosystem that empowers people all over the world through funding, education and community.

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