Why SoundHound was named One of 2017’s Most Innovative Companies
May 31, 2017

Recently, Fast Company released their annual list of The Most Innovative Companies of 2017 by Sector. We are happy to announce that our portfolio company, SoundHound placed fourth in the AI/Machine Learning sector. SoundHound ranked #4 among Google and IBM. In the Fast Company profile, SoundHound is described as “The world’s most advanced and accurate platform for natural language processing.”

So what is this exactly? Think of this. For the last several decades humanity has been dreaming of voice-enabled interaction with robots and devices. It is much easier to talk to your car or coffee machine, than to click buttons. The only problem was that cars and coffee machines were very “dumb”: technologies that translated and understood voice commands were expensive and unreliable. Our portfolio company — SoundHound — spent a decade developing voice-to-meaning technologies to make your coffee machine smarter and enable voice and AI as the future for all products and services around us.

SoundHound’s development of the world’s most advanced natural language processor is exciting to us. Their Hound virtual assistant now has over 20,000 developers on the platform and has been implemented into Samsung, Nvidia, Sony’s Xperia, Yelp, and Uber.

Over the next few years AI and machine learning will explode in growth integrated with products and services of all kind, making SoundHound an instrumental part of the ecosystem of IoT, software and a more intimate interface between technology and people.

We are proud to be a part of what Keyvan and his team are doing, and are looking forward to the future of their AI platform and our smart coffee machines (can’t wait for the last one).

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