Luminar Technologies created the most advanced high-resolution, far-seeing, and low-cost LiDAR system for autonomous cars in the world, which enables safe, reliable, and autonomous transportation future


Autonomous Transportation


High resolution range data is mandatory for accurate object recognition, location and trajectory. LiDARs are the only type of sensors that allow precision object recognition at long range. Therefore LiDARs are “must have” type of sensors to enable fully-autonomous vehicles. Luminar’s four years of R&D resulted in creation of a LiDAR that outperforms all existing competitors. Luminar uses 1550nm laser, which is eye-safe and high-performing, while others use 905nm lasers that are harmful for human eyes and therefore very limited in power and usage potential. Why others don’t use 1550nm laser for LiDARs? Because it was considered impossible to create 1550nm LiDAR at a reasonable costs due to technological limits.